ADA Diaries Gallery

This collection of personal testimonies, newspaper articles, and official communications played a critical role in making the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 possible.

For centuries, people with disabilities lived without rights, were oppressed by social stigma, rejected by wide swaths of culture, and were denied access to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. It took a dedicated band of advocates and activists to create the cultural change needed to ensure such ostracization would no longer be deemed acceptable.

These advocates and activists deserve to be honored and memorialized as veterans of democracy. Here are just a few of the many historical insights within the ADA Diaries that await your discovery

Missing in Action
Freedom of Information Act Request Required

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We Plus You

To date, more than 150 people,
have helped bring
 the voices,
residing in the
 It’s Our Story,
archives one step
closer to,
being published in
“accessible to all” format.

It’s Our Story is eternally grateful,
to students at Georgia State
University, UCLA, and San Diego
State, to advocacy organizations,
in North Carolina and Florida, to
individuals like you who have,
engaged with our online requests,
for support.

When combined, your small acts,
of compassion create a swelling,
wave of unity and power. Your efforts,
are as important as those of the,
people we preserve.

Thank you.

Document Transcribers

Video Transcribers

  • Emily Hardy – 4 videos
  • Laura Guzman – 2 videos
  • Alysa Nix – 2 videos
  • Ramon Guzman – 2 videos
  • Regina Hibbard – 2 videos
  • Nick Cincotta – 2 videos
  • Guadalupe Samuels – 2 videos
  • Jean Thompson – 2 videos
  • O. Landin
  • Angelica Mata
  • Octavio Zio
  • Kerri Stucky
  • Alyssa Stern
  • Victor Piedrahita
  • Nancy Cavanah
  • Diana Salazar
  • Tara Rosenthall
  • Joanne Otten
  • Shirley Miller
  • Lorna Leathers
  • Alicia Ornelas
  • Jennifer Klepper
  • Erin Karrasch
  • Shelsea Hodge
  • Emily Herman
  • Meghann Hebeler
  • Angie Henao
  • Matthew Wilbat
  • Adriana Oropeza
  • Andrea Lisa Nava
  • Octavio Landin
  • Katherine Halloran
  • Meghan Crowley
  • Melanie Fink
  • Irina Dmitrieva
  • Monica Romera
  • Anne Fosselman
  • Callie Woodard
  • Brittany Halley
  • Jesse Silverstein
  • Elizabeth Kim
  • Kim Rutledge
  • Fonda Kim-Tokushige
  • Amy Poser
  • Amy Smith
  • Brittany Hale
  • Celina Cnavei-Lemon
  • Christina Tam
  • Erin M. Rush
  • Eva Hom
  • Idania Martinez
  • Jennifer Lo
  • Mariana Badra
  • Renee Oritz
  • Ruby Davalos