• Famous People with Disabilities: A 10,000 image montage of ability


Our Mission

It’s Our Story promotes, preserves, and protects the power, passion, and pride of people with disabilities.

Belief Statement

It’s Our Story champions a fuller knowledge of disability life and culture by exposing visitors to the ways in which people with disabilities interpret, live, critique, and comment upon their diverse experiences.

We believe people with disabilities are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect—and to be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and discrimination.

It’s Our Story expands and explores equal rights for people with disabilities by providing a platform for the collective voice of an empowered and engaged community.

It's Our Story is guided by three overarching principles rooted in inspiration, information, and involvement. An engaging journey through disability culture, lifestyle, and history, this project redefines "ability" and recognizes disability not as a cultural “other,” but as a component of social and political diversity. Put simply, It's Our Story is an investment in humanity motivated by a focus on power, passion, and pride.
Scott Cooper, IOS Founder

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