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Burst’n Myths
by Sara Maria Acevedo

The It’s Our Story YouTube testimony series pulls its visitors into a rich cultural and political history, guiding them through civil rights demonstrations, tear-jerking memories, unforgettable anecdotes, and intimate personal insights that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Culled from thousands of hours of conversations from across the United States, each It’s Our Story recollection is presented via first-hand accounts that reflect the diversity and dynamism of people with disabilities, their loved ones, friends, and allies. It’s all part of a deeply personal effort to chronicle several lifetimes of untapped wisdom, before these voices fade forever.

A Mature Vision

Over the past nine years, what began as a simple history project led by Scott Cooper and his stepson, Eric Clow, has since exploded into a cross-country mission from which scholars, advocates, students, historians, and Web surfers can all benefit.

As the only minority group that anyone can (and likely will) join, people with disabilities deserve an intergenerational platform through which visitors can convene, discuss, create, and explore their own stories.

It’s Our Story provides that platform — a platform from which guests can better understand, champion, reappropriate, and strengthen the narrative around what it really means to be “disabled.”

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